arcade for sale Are You Getting Enough Vitamins And Minerals From Your Fruit And Vegetables?

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
arcade for sale Are You Getting Enough Vitamins And Minerals From Your Fruit And Vegetables?
Walk into the nearby supermarket and you will see rows of fresh, beautiful, colorful vegetables and fruits for sale.They all look fresh and the colors are healthy and there are no holes in the vegetables and you might say "Wow, how fresh these vegetables look!I'm glad you bought some home and thought about how healthy it is to eat these vegetables.But do you know that these vegetables may not have as many vitamins and minerals as you think?In fact, even if you eat vegetables and fruits in your diet, you may still be malnourished.
In fact, the vegetables and fruits you buy now may not be as nutritious as they were years ago.For economic reasons, farmers have to harvest their crops many times a year on the farm without giving the land a rest period.For a period of time, the depleted land lost the minerals needed for vegetable growth.
Due to over-Planted on the same piece of land, farmers have no choice but to use a large amount of fertilizer to return almost insufficient minerals to the land.These fertilizers can produce beautiful crops with fertilizers.Outside, your vegetable looks good, but in fact it lacks a lot of natural nutrients from barren soil.
Now we need to eat eight oranges to get enough vitamin C to meet our daily needs.It's no wonder that many people have to take vitamin pills in order to supplement their bodies with enough nutrition!What can we do?Maybe taking vitamin pills is a great way to get enough vitamins for our body.But before buying pills crazily, you need to write down the ingredients in the pills.
There are hundreds of different nutritional supplements on the market.Most of them contain artificially produced chemicals that your body may not need.Studies have shown that synthetic chemicals can have long-term health effects on our bodies.
You 've been eating fertilizer from vegetables, so you definitely don't want to get more chemicals in your body.So when you go and buy a bottle of vitamin C, remember to choose those that are made of natural ingredients that do not contain artificial preservatives and additives.Organic fruits and vegetables are a better choice.
Organic farmers can take good care of the environment without relying on fertilizers, artificial pesticides, herbicides or growth hormones.Instead of using pesticides, farmers prevent pests by planting a variety of crops.Farmers also use the rotation system on the land so that the land has enough rest to replenish the nutrients in the soil.
This causes crops to be rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.By eating chemistryWe stop adding more toxins to the body, which will maximize the immunity of the body.In the long run, by eating organic vegetables, our bodies become healthier, enabling us to reduce our chances of developing diseases such as cancer and heart disease.
Organic vegetables not only make us healthier, but also benefit our taste buds.Organic vegetables are more delicious and sweet.Even if you don't add a lot of seasoning to your cooking, your dishes taste great.
Organic vegetables are also more brittle, maintaining a longer freshness than non-organic vegetablesOrganic vegetables.You can even keep organic carrots for 3 weeks instead of the usual carrots for 3 days.Whether it's taking vitamin pills or eating organic food, we should be aware of what we eat and how to get the most out of the food we eat.
Choose wisely and eat wisely, and you will move towards a healthier you
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