arcade control panel – New Control Panel

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
arcade control panel – New Control Panel
x93The ...and ...once only ...Now on a Unix server...On Windows 2000...It is a powerful and reliable website hosting company that is aware of this...The flexibility and automation that was previously only available on Unix servers can now be used on Windows 2000 servers.Net is a powerful and reliable web hosting company that realizes that innovation and development are key factors to meet the rapid growth of the fast-paced web hosting industry.
Meet the industry's high requirements for m6.Net has released a new automated, feature-rich, customizable control panel.By clicking the mouse, the client can manage all aspects of its m6 itself.
Net web account.
The following are just some of the features provided in the control panel.Automated support request system requests support from the technical support team may be easier than using the new automated support request system.Select the query type;Follow our easy-to-use wizard and you will be surprised at how quickly the problem is solved.
Our automated support robot will diagnose and solve your problem on site.We will then provide you with the relevant documentation and list your queries for review by our technical support staff.File Manager is an easy-to-use interface that, like Windows Explorer, allows you to manage account directories.
Now, you can control permissions on Windows 2000 as you do on Unix-based servers.In file manager, you can change the permissions of the Directory, which means that you do not have to wait for technical support to do this for you.Folders can also be added and deleted;View, delete, upload, create, and edit files in the directory.
The custom control panel means you can resell the account because your identity will stand out and people will never know that you are using can customize the appearance of the control panel to meet your own personalized requirements.You can add your own header and footer;Customize the color of the background and font;You can even specify the font size and type.
Just fill in the form provided and m6.
Net will submit your website to more than 400 top search engines.Database management dashboard provides comprehensive management for ms SQL and MS Access databases.Allows you to add, upload, and delete databases, as well as create and delete ODBC connections.
Resale account management if you are a reseller, you can choose to set up the control panel to manage the resale account.You can create and delete resale accounts;View and respond to your customer support request, log in and customize your resale account control panel.In addition, all your customers will get their own control panel.
Statistics you can view real-time statistics for each website.You can see who is on your site now, what pages they have gone through, how long they have gone through, and so on.At the same time, our statistics database will maintain a history of your statistics so that you can compare the activities of the website.
Install custom components do you build your own components in Visual Basic, C, or Delphi?You can upload and install your own custom components (*.Dll files) are sent directly through the control panel to the server where your website is located.Domain Management-you can easily create and delete domains from your account.
When creating a domain, you have the option to set up any of the following for that domain: DNS records, mail servers, websites, home page extensions, and FTP logins.FTP management-you can add and delete FTP login to your account.You can specify exactly which part of the directory the login will access and which part of the directory the login will not be able to access.
User management if you need to create a new user to manage as part of an account, such as a domain or directory, you can easily add them using the control panel.You also have the option to remove any users you do not need from your account.M6 when developing the control panelNet uses the latest Microsoft technology and employs a dedicated development team with the result of having a user-friendly, fully functional control panel on a premium and stable backend.
By using the control panel, with just a click of the mouse, you can not only easily manage all aspects of your account, but also freely manage your account according to your own personal requirements.Contact at info@m6.Net get more information about the control panel and the release date.We will be more than happy to introduce you to this great revolutionary new product to answer all the questions you may have.
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