arcade control panel How to Troubleshoot a Whirlpool Cabrio Washer

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

Don't feel frustrated and overwhelmed when your massage cabin is at the topLoading and highThere is a problem with the efficient washing machine, you can solve the problem on your own without the expensive help of service technicians.Basic power checks and error codes provided can help you narrow down the cause.Please check the power supply of the machine before attempting any trouble shooting.You can do a simple check of the power outlet by unplugging the washing machine and plugging in the clock or light and testing the power supply, or by checking with the non-power supplyContact Voltage tester.If the socket is out of power, check the circuit breaker by turning off the circuit breaker and then re-opening it.Sometimes the breaker doesn't look like it, which is why you need to check it yourself.For the fuse box, replace any blown fuse.Unplug the washing machine for up to five minutes and sometimes it is possible to clear any problems that occur with the machine or to clear the error code.And electronics that help you troubleshoot and fix simple problems with your machine by providing error codes on your digital display.--This code indicates that the lid of the machine will not be unlocked after completing a loop.Putting a basket of clothes on top of the washing machine can cause this problem.--Clear the code on the control panel in case of an accident and press again to restart the loop.If the code appears again, call the service as this is the general system error code that requires professional trouble shooting.Indicates that you have switched the hot and cold hose on the back of the machine and installed the hot hose on the cold water inlet.After closing the water supply valve, reverse these to fix this error.It is recommended that you drain the machine too long.Check that the drain hose is properly installed in the vertical pipe.Check the installation instructions for the correct drain hose and vertical pipe height.This means it will take too long for the machine to fill up with water.This may indicate that the water pipe is twisted or turned.Water supply interruption for home or machine.This may also mean there is a problem with the drain line.Verify that the installation is correct: the drain hose must be extended by 4 1/2-using standard installation--Not much--Into a vertical drain pipe (vertical pipe ).--Close the lid and let the washing machine enter the cycle.When you open the cover of Cabrio for more than 10 minutes, the water is discharged from the machine and the washing machine is reset.Report that you have overloaded the machine.Delete some items from the machine and restart the load.When the Machine reports this error, it drains water and detergent and asks you to reset the load.--If you use the wrong detergent-Not designed for him--Or put too much, the Sd code indicates that there are too many suds inside the machine.The machine will complete the suds restore step and resume the washing after completion.If the dial flashes, you need to use the cold-Water cycle without using any detergent.Indicates unbalanced load errors that the machine may be able to correct.The machine is allowed to continue unless the dial flashes and the washing machine stops.Restore washing.When the load is complete, the Cabrio washing machine continues to beep the full cycle until you close the machine, remove the load or lift the lid.A certain amount of Hum, motor shift, or gurgling sound is normal for a taxi washing machine.The noise usually indicates that the item is left in the pocket and is now tumbling in the machine.Noise inside the washing machine.During rotation, the machine that is not properly leveled vibrates loudly or reports uL errors on the display.Into the self-Button and confirm that there is no light display on the control panel.On some models) keep it for three seconds, release it for three seconds, and keep it for another three seconds.Next, press and hold the same button until all the lights on the panel are on.Should appear on the digital display.In the first part of the diagnosis, the error code that has already occurred pops up on the display.There is a piece of paper on hand.When the self-Will appear on the display again, andtest continues.Specific to your machine.Whirlpool may update the error code on the updated machine;With the correct user manual for the machine, you can find the machine-specific troubleshoot code.The model is at the back of the edge of the bathtub, under the lid.
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