arcade control panel How to Install Electrical in Concrete Walls

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

Your appliance must be installed on concrete walls before pouring.Otherwise, you connect the box and pipe to the surface and then explain to the architect why the wall finish has to be changed.By carefully following the measurement results provided on the approved blueprint and fixing your electric conduit and box in concrete form, you don't have to worry about going through the inspection or pull line later.Following the steps below will eliminate both concerns.Lay out and mark the path and location of the electrical pipe and the trunk as specified on the blueprint.Use a tape measure to ensure accuracy.The electrical engineer assigned to the design team has ensured that your component location meets the building code standards.Their work was then reviewed and approved by local agencies responsible for ensuring that all building plans that had obtained building permits met the specifications.In real life, the more you can copy the measurement results on the drawings, the more you can pass the final check.Run your electrical pipe in the table.Make sure you leave the 12 \ "of the pipe outside the form so that you can later connect it to the power supply of other buildings.Use a tie-in and a pair of side cutting pliers to connect the pipe directly to the reinforced wall inside the concrete wall form (this will also allow you to cut the wire without extra tools ).Do it every 4 \ 'along the pipe and try to tie it at the point where the horizontal and vertical bars cross.This will give you a tie that can't slide out of position under the concrete pouring force.Tie the end of the nylon hemp rope to a long tie line and pass it through the pipe.Most pipes have hemp ropes that are already placed inside, so you may not need to thread them.If you do this, work in a short period of time, and when you connect each pipe together, splice the pipe parts together with tape.Once the wall is poured, you will use this line to get the actual wires through the pipe.Place your electric box inside the concrete wall form, and the opening of the box is flush with the surface of the concrete form.Nail the box in position.The electric box can be used for sockets, switches, patch panels or control panels (to name just a few ).Connect your pipe to the box and make sure that the nylon hemp rope in the pipe is glued to the inside of the box opening so that it does not fall back to the inside of the pipe during pouring water.Pay special attention to the location measurements detailed on the drawings, as they are several different building specifications that may affect your building.They may ask for specific measurements of the placement of the electrical box.The drawings you are making have been reviewed and approved by the local agency responsible for ensuring that everything complies with the necessary code --Do not deviate from the detailed position.Call check.Once your installation has been approved by the building inspector, the concrete pouring may begin.When the concrete is cured and the form is removed, you can pull the wire into the box through the pipe and install the switch, socket, joint or other electrical appliances required.
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