arcade control panel Biometric Access Control: Types of Access Control

by:BLEE     2019-07-03
arcade control panel Biometric Access Control: Types of Access Control
Biometrics is not the latest technology.It has been popular for a long time.However, its various uses did not begin until recently.Decades ago, one could only imagine that an electronic door was opened by the touch of a finger or the expression of a person in front of a camera.The scene has completely changed now!Biometric Access control is not limited to science fiction movies.
This can be seen in corporate offices, highly sensitive government offices, restaurants and even schools and colleges.It can use fingerprint devices, face recognition access control systems, or any other biometric technology.Face recognition access control system is a relatively advanced biometric access control system.
For face recognition and high resolution cameras.Install on the central server or on the main PC.The camera is fixed at the entrance point.
First-The time required for the user to register the identity.Registered individuals are granted access by the machine whenever they view in front of the camera.The system scans all faces.If the facial details match one of the already existing templates in the database, permissions are granted.
Otherwise, refuse permission!The basic functions of the machine are described above.However, the structure and function of biometric access control may vary from instrument to instrument.*Non-Intelligent Access control: This is the simplest access control system for face recognition.
The control panel is a must in this device.Transfer the facial details to the control panel and output the ID number.The device is mainly based on Wiegand protocol.
It is widely used.
* Semi-Intelligent Access control: in this type of device, the reader will not make any decisions related to access.However, they have all the inputs and outputs associated with the door hardware.The user details are sent to the main controller and the response is obtained from there.
If the connection to the main controller is interrupted, this reader may stop working or work in downgrade mode.* Intelligent access control: This biometric access control can make access decisions independently.The control panel sends configuration updates and retrieves events from the machine.
Some readers may or may not have a control panel and the reader communicates directly with the PC.Smart readers are also called IP readers.These are various types of biometric access controls on the market.In addition to this classification, the system can also be classified according to the type identified.
The technology of recognition can also be classified separately.Life will definitely be easier and easier in this era!However, it is equally important to make life safer.Biometric Access control helps to achieve this goal.
All of the above types are a means to ensure a safer life.This application helps to limit the entry of unwanted elements.Only selected individuals can enter the premises.
This can be achieved with any type of access control described above
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