arcade console for sale ************Help avoid the YLOD************ ***3 tips for a Cooler and Greener PS3***

by:BLEE     2019-07-08
arcade console for sale ************Help avoid the YLOD************ ***3 tips for a Cooler and Greener PS3***
Helps prevent YLOD from happening before it has the chance to happen and extends the life of the system.There have been a lot of concerns recently about the duration of the original "fat" PS3 model, and I think it would be wise to take some precautions to make sure my system can run as long as possible.I tested these 3 tips and the clear goal is to make the PS3 run cooler and greener, hopefully it will bring a better life.
You may be familiar with at least one of these techniques, but these three may not be familiar with each other.If you really decide to implement these three tips I 've introduced, you should be able to help you maximize the lifetime of the PlayStation 3 gaming system.What is YLOD?"Yellow Light of Death" (or YLOD for short) is a situation I have found due to the use combination of leadFree welding, poor quality hot paste and/or overheating.
The PS3 doesn't work if you get YLOD.
If you happen to have a disc in it, it may be stuck there until you fix the system or physically remove it.When PS3 a doodle and flashing when ylod of characteristics is: red to green (1.5 seconds) yellow to flashing red when you try to turn it on.
What is the cause?So what caused the disease?There are several possible causes, including power failure and damage to the hard drive.The most likely reason for this problem is the solder balls under the chips of RSX (GPU or graphics processing unit) and CELL (CPU or central processing unit.This way of fixing the chip on the motherboard is called the BGA or ball grid array, which is welded by hundreds of balls that pass information from the chip to the motherboard.
These balls are constantly subject to high temperatures due to the chip above, which is cooled by a huge radiator and fan.The EU banned the import of electronic products containing lead in 2006, which is called the restriction Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), which led most electronics manufacturers to switch to lead-free welding in their products, even in the United States.Unfortunately, there are two weaknesses in lead-free soldering.
First, with repeated high temperatures (higher than expected by Sony engineers) and then cooling after the console is closed, the ball starts to lose its elasticity and eventually breaks.This leads to an open circuit and you get YLOD when you try to power the PS3 again.Another theory is that over time, because of the above high temperature, the ball begins to grow "tin beard", which causes the ball to short-circuit with another ball nearby, causing YLOD again.
Lead-Based Welding materials have been in use for more than 50 years and manufacturers are very familiar with their properties.Unfortunately, this is not true for leadsfree solders.There are more than thousands of welding connection points under the CPU and GPU of the PS3, and if there is only one welding point with cracks or breaks, this will cause your PlayStation 3 to have YLOD.
The PS3 is the first PlayStation system to require a complex cooling system in which it requires a radiator, fan, and hot paste to effectively cool itself.Unfortunately, the hot paste Sony chose to use when making the PS3 will dry after a few years of normal use, which may cause the PS3 to overheat.It also causes the above thread when this happensFree welding of breaks, breaks or melting;Causing a problem with YLOD.
Although this rarely happens, it may be caused by a power failure.As far as I know, if you didn't hear the system fan spin when you first turned on the PS3, then you might not have a good power supply.Also, if you find that the green light lasts less than half a second, it may also indicate that the power supply is defective.
You can easily buy replacements from eBay or Amazon.Most of the time, the GPU (RSX) chip appears to cause the welding point of YLOD to break.The best reason I hear about this is that the CPU (CELL) chip has a hole under the motherboard that can let the heat escape.
The CPU does not have any welding points directly below the actual processor, which also does break due to the heat generated by the processor.Both cases are not true for GPU.You can see this in the picture below, where both chips have been removed from the motherboard.By applying these 3 tips, you can enhance the PS3's ability to cool yourself, thus helping to protect yourself from YLOD.
You can further protect yourself by fixing the PS3 with "reballing" (lead in it)Under the GPU of the PS3, free welding is replaced by lead welding, in which case most YLOD problems usually occur.Since reballing can be an invasive, somewhat expensive fix, you should only do it if it is absolutely necessary.For those who wish to become familiar with themselvesxa0With the opening and disassembly of your own PS3, you should look at 8-Part of the video series from Fixmyplaystation.
Com, released directly below.
--xa0Help you.
I strongly recommend that you watch all of these videos in full first so that you can get familiar with what you need to do and what is involved before you start continuing.Before turning on the PS3, you need to make sure that you are in an environment that does not generate static electricity.You may damage the ps3 if you are not properly grounded.
You shouldn't be working on the PS3 on the carpet, but if you do wear shoes with a thick rubber sole.Anti-wearingWhen serving your own PS3, the static band is also a good idea.The video below is optional as I do not recommend the hot paste used or the application method described here.
I left this video basically for the integrity of this video series.Please see Reward Video #1 (right below) for recommended application methods, recommended hot paste and pad see Tip #3.This bonus video is an update method for the hot paste app and I believe it works better than the one shown in the video above.
After watching this video, for additional information about the recommended hot paste, please read the tips #3 below.This additional video shows the clamping bending technology.This helps ensure a strong connection between the radiator, unit and RSX processor.
Skip the video to 7 minutes (7: 00) and take a look at this demo, as the melt-assist section has nothing to do with what we are doing.Make sure all the heat pads are in place before reassembling the PS3.The standard power supply that comes with the PS3 can run very hot and is a huge heat source inside the PS3.
It seems to me that they are running too hot and it might be wise for Sony to set the power to an external power supply so that the PS3 can cool itself in a more efficient way.Inside the 60 gb CECHA, 20 gb CECB and 80 gb CECHE PS3 system;You can install the ZSSR5391A power supply.(Picture on the right) you can easily identify this power supply from other power sources as it has a lot of adventure holes on it.
Among the power supplies that these systems may provide, zssr519a is the lowest power efficiency during the AC-to-DC conversion process, resulting in a large amount of heat.I found it very hot and hot like an iron!If you happen to find ZSSR5391A power supply model in your PlayStation 3, I highly recommend that you change it to a more energy efficient version as soon as possible.If you have one of these affected ps3, you can replace the ZSSR5391A power supply with APS-Change to model 226 (right ).
You can identify APS-226 power supply, since it can have a square vent, although some variants of this power supply have a circular vent, it is slightly less than ZSSR5391A.The owner of the 60 gb CECHC PS3 model should already have APS-227 power is installed.There is no need to change this power supply because it is already quite effective.
You might want to switch to APS-226 if you plan to leave the country, it can be used anywhere in the world because it is generally rated.Do not use APS-If you live outside PAL Territory (Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia, India), 227 of the power supply is available because the power supply can only work in these specific areas.The theory of using more energy-efficient power supplies comes from the idea that the less heat, the less "bending" the PlayStation 3 motherboard.
Bending can cause damage and cause YLOD problems.All of these power supplies provide far more power than the PS3 needs to run, so you should not worry about the lack of console power supply.Note: I used to recommend APS-CECHA-231 power supply (found in CECHG model)CECHE models.
While this power supply works and generates less heat, I recently found that this power supply may eventually fail due to increased power requirements for the old PS3 model.Because of this, for a better long termTerm reliability, I suggest sticking to APS-Power 226.Because this power supply provides exactly the same power output as the ZSSR5391A model, it is indeed a better match for the replacement power supply.
This is the easiest trick to implement because you don't completely disassemble the PS3 like any other trick.APS-Both EBay and Amazon have 226 power supplies available for sale.There are two different fans that are compatible with these PS3 systems.
First of all, 15-blade fan.
And 19-blade fan.
Apparently, the PS3 was produced in Japan in the first few months of its initial release, with 19-Blade fan Installation Standard.When Sony moved the PS3 production to China, they were basically at 15-Blade 1, although it is still possible to have 19-blade fan.It is widely believed that 19-The blade fan moves a larger amount of air per minute (up 150%) and is more than 15-blade version.
Some people also speculated (with 19-Blade fan) 15-The blade fan, due to its inherent wrong design, tends to recycle hot air inside the PlayStation 3, as shown in the following figure.While you may need to replace the fan, you should first verify that you need it.Usually you need to almost disassemble your entire PS3 to see the fan, but there is a trick to do this without turning the PS3 on.
What you need to do is in the dark room, shine a very bright flashlight to the exhaust port on the back of the PS3, right above the serial number.Since the PS3 housing is made of translucent plastic, you should be able to draw at least 1/4 of the blade profile on the PS3 fan (as shown in the picture on the right ).If you multiply the number by 4, you should be able to estimate how many blades you have.
Remember 19-The blade fan has a straight fin, of which 15-The fins of the blades are slightly curved.Alternatively, you can take a flashlight directly on the surface of the PS3 and the fan is there.Since the PS3 housing is made of translucent plastic, you should be able to see a small area directly inside the PS3 and count the fan blades.
I find this method works best with a small and bright LED flashlight, pressing directly on the surface of the PlayStation 3.While the 19-The fan with blades is quiet, only a few minutes.Don't expect your PS3 to be quiet, but you can be sure that your PS3 gets better airflow than before.
* Play Blue LightHD light movie.
* Play the PlayStation 3 game in high definition.* Play hd dvd movies.* Play the PlayStation 2 game with HD upgrade.* Play PS3 in warm (> 70 F/21 F) and wet environment.
Replace the fan with 19The blade version will enhance the benefits of the next tip (#3) and should be done together for better overall results.You can easily purchase and replace the original used PS3 fan from eBay and Amazon.Or if you prefer to buy a brand new PS3 19-A company called Talismoon may still have some blade fans available for sale.
Many people know this.
.Obviously, the PS3's Achilles tendon healing is a hot paste that Sony uses on the PS3.It is believed that the thermal grease will dry out after a month-For 3 years, there may be a problem with the PS3 staying calm during normal use.I have also noticed a pattern in which almost all recent YLOD victims have systems of about 3 or more years.
Many people have always advocated replacing the original thermal conductivity with the northern silver 5 (AS5), and while there is no problem with this, you should consider many other thermal conductivity.Any silver.Based on the thermal compound, due to its conductive properties, problems may arise if too many paste spills over the motherboard.Although the AS5 is not conductive, there is still a slight capacitance.
It takes 200 hours for AS5 to fully heal.
This means that you should only play PS3 1-200 hours before use-2 hours each time, 10-Rest 15 minutes apart.If you do not have the patience to do so, you may damage your system.Most of the other hot compounds available have little curing time.
Arctic cooling MX-Hot compounds.
This is one of the latest carbon emissions.The base compound is the best thermal conductivity available in nature, and its thermal conductivity is several times that of silver.MX-4 no curing time, the price is similar to as5.
MX-4 also has 2.
The thermal conductivity is 4 times that of northern silver 5 (8.5 W/mk vs.3.5 W/mk).What I like most about this paste is that it has a Durability rating of 8 years, which means that the performance of this product will not drop during this time.When the hot paste is applied correctly, the air discharged from the PS3 will be very warm.
This shows you that the hot paste works properly and takes the heat away from the system.Unless you have to do so, I would suggest replacing the hot paste only once.Because of its 8-year durability rating, like MX-4 should last long after the release of the PlayStation 4.
If you are trying to re-apply hot paste on a device that has already applied a high quality paste, it is difficult to easily remove the radiator because the paste forms a tight bond between the processor and the radiator, just like glue.You may damage the motherboard due to the force required to remove the radiator.In any case, if you want to replace the paste, you may want to try to run the PS3 at least 30 minutes in advance first.
It may soften the paste when the PS3 is heated, making it easier to separate the radiator.In terms of the application of thermal compounds, I suggest that the diameter of the pea size is about 8mm (I used an engineering instrument to measure this amount) placed in the center of the CELL & RSX processor of the PS3.In this way, when you reinstall the radiator to the motherboard, the compound is spread smoothly and evenly to prevent the air bag from forming in the paste (which can offset the proper heat transfer process ).
When the hot paste spreads, it is not necessary to cover the entire surface, as most of the heat is concentrated around the core area of the center.Therefore, the center of the chip is the most important target part.In the picture below, the CELL (left) and RSX (right) processors of the radiator are removed.
As you can see in the picture, the actual processor is in the center, which is where most of the heat is concentrated.You can always apply for more MX-If you care and want to make sure the processor is fully covered.If any excess paste happens to be sprinkled on the motherboard, from MX-4 is completely non-Conductive ingredients.
You should also consider replacing the heat pad on your PS3 motherboard.The heat pad helps transfer heat from other key chips on the PS3 motherboard to the radiator.Obviously, if one of the pads does not work properly, you may also have YLOD status on your PS3.
Sony's heat pad installed in the PS3 is not doing well in terms of heat dissipation from the motherboard.There are better quality thermal pads, and the efficiency is several times the original.For example, the recommended heat pad (linked below) is up to five times more efficient in transferring heat, when used in combination with a high quality hot slurry, can help reduce the overall temperature of the PS33 motherboard by 10-15 degrees.
This heat pad is sold on a piece of paper where you can cut it into the right size.As shown above, the chip on the CECHA motherboard is enough to cover.Even if you decide not to change the pads now, make sure you have at least a pads attached to these areas before you put the PS3 back in place, otherwise it may overheat.
The following figure is the prominent area on the 60 gb CECHA PlayStaion 3 motherboard where the heat pad needs to be placed.If you are using a different PS3 model, please pay close attention to the location of the pad when you first open your system.Just to emphasize that changing the hot paste and heat pad is the most important and effective thing you can do to prevent the PS3 from overheating (which can lead to YLOD), more important than other suggestions.
While you have to completely disassemble your PS3 before you can even change your hot paste and heat pad, the good news is that this cutting-edge material cost is usually cheaper than replacing a fan or power supply.You will get a good indication that when you play the game the fan speed goes up and down, your hot post/heat pad installation works fine and drops shortly after you quit the game.This shows that heating is being done away from the PlayStation 3 in a very efficient and efficient way.
This tip modifies the PS3 airflow by allowing air to flow directly to the system fan, rather than indirectly through the front vent of the console.This is achieved by drilling a series of ventilation holes in the system housing directly below the system fan.By doing so, the PS3 is able to cool itself with a much larger amount of air than usual.
Obviously, by making this modification, the PS3 will run a 20 degree cooler as a whole.In my personal test of this mod, I found that my PS3 was able to stay longer at a lower fan speed and was able to cool down faster than normal.This extra tip does help to zoom in on the effects of tips 2 and 3.
This is an advanced modification of the PS3 and is only recommended for highly skilled people.Fortunately for others, Endless Electronics offers this modification for sale.X-.You can see the picture of this modification below.
While you can use an alternative power supply (depending on the model), the power and heat savings are very small and are not worth replacing unless there is already a problemTo find out which power supply you may need to replace if proof is faulty.If you want to replace the fan or hot paste on the PS3 model CECHHYou need to be very careful, CECHQ.The reason is that any of these prompts need to be removed from the radiator, which is hard to reconnect on these PS3 models.
If not again.
Properly assembled, heat conduction between CPU/GPU;The radiator can be affected and then you will be worse than at the beginning.I have seen a lot of accounts on the PlayStation.Com forum, people have reported that this problem happened to them.
While it is still very important to replace hot paste and pads on these models, I suggest that you should have a place like Endless Electronics to do this for you.The company has expertise in applying new hot paste and reconnecting the radiator properly.If you happen to have a PS3 Slim (or PS3 Super Slim), the only thing you might want to do is change the hot paste.
These PS3 models do not use heat pads and do not need to be replaced with fans and power supplies...With the replacement of heat pads and hot pulp, Endless Electronics now sells and installs APS-226 power supply (Hint #1) and 19-Blade fan (Tip #2) If you just want to replace one or two parts separately ).If you want to complete these three tips at the same time (plus X-.
So this is the recommended option if you would like to install these tips professionally (all with warranty.The video below details what is included in the component upgrade package.What if I already have YLOD?If you are currently a victim of YLOD issues, you should consider reinstalling the PS3.
Reballing will basically get your PS3 back to the state before YLOD status.Soldering reflow on the PS3 can work and will fix your system in many cases.The problem of re-expansion will eventually lead to the emergence of the YLOD problem, because the process of chip heating and cooling over time will cause the "lead-free" welding to fail again.
When re-welding, new welding will not be applied and the chip will not be removed.The chip has just been reheated so that the solder joints melt and hopefully reconnect the joints.Please note that if you try to reflow yourself (using the DYI guide), you can easily damage the PS3 if you do not perform correctly.
If you choose later, it will make it harder for you to fix the PS3 by reballing.All old welds were removed by re-welding.Then clean the chip and motherboard and apply a brand new "lead" welding later.Using lead solder is stronger than the original lead-free solder, and your system should last for a long time.
While sending the PS3 back to Sony will solve your YLOD problem, they will most likely come back again.That's why Sony still uses "lead-free" welding.If you have a PS3 Fat model, you will crack the PS3 Fat model again with the same soldering tin.
The only way to fix this is to get your PS3 chip backWelding using "lead.Lead Welding is far superior in strength to CPU temperature and does not crack or melt.I 've read a lot of reports about systems that people refurbished that broke down shortly after the 90-day warranty on those systems expired.
Sony usually charges $100.
Out of warranty repair $150.
on the PS3.
High customer satisfaction.
So, if your system receives YLOD again, they will fix it again for free.(Note: To take advantage of the YLOD lifetime warranty option, you must have never opened the PS3 before and the original Sony warranty seal must be intact ).As far as I know, there is no other company that provides this kind of guarantee on reball repair.
Endless Electronics is also the only repair company I know and will repair and provide a warranty (if they can repair it) on a console that has been opened and/or tried to repair before.Most repair companies will either not repair the system where the warranty seal is damaged or will not provide any substantial warranty for its repair.Although Endless Electronics is a US-based company, they now accept international orders.
.With these three tips, I'm sure you can get your PS3 running, cooler than before, and you can assure yourself, you have taken all the steps you can take to keep your system running properly for a long time.Of course, these tips will be most effective for those who have never repaired the PS3 due to a motherboard-based YLOD problem
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