arcade console for sale About the all new Chevy Equinox for sale

by:BLEE     2019-07-09
arcade console for sale About the all new Chevy Equinox for sale
Those looking for a new SUV from Chevrolet should not go further than the latest arrival of 2018 Chevrolet Equinox!Local Chevrolet dealers invite you to test drive at any convenient location.You will love the daily driving adventure of this Equinox SUV.It doesn't matter where you need to be with the spring equinox, as this spacious SUV is ready to take you there in style and comfort.
Every trip is a trip because the spring equinox is not only fuel efficient, but also equipped with the latest technology to make the journey more memorable and relaxed.The Chevrolet dealer stands behind the car and its specifications.There is a reason why it won JD Power's most reliable compact SUV award and the original highest quality SUV award, which is why JDPower.
This SUV is indeed the winner.
The interior of 2018 Equinox is perfect for travelers who enjoy elegance and technology.The 7 inch-inch color touch screen of the center console is placed at the perfect height for easy fingertip contact and eye contact.The screen offers a variety of storage options, detailing the specifications of the vehicle, as well as the rear facing camera and all the elements needed to play any song.
Equinox is fully equipped with 4g LTE WiThe Fi connection allows you and passengers to sync up to seven devices at the same time.If you use an iPhone, whether it's news, weather, text messages or a phone call, Siri's free eyes are available in the cabin for hands-free communication.Don't forget Chevrolet MyLink!This special feature provides a GPS for Chevrolet users, not only does it have impeccable direction, but it seamlessly adds traffic updates before approaching.
All of this is at your fingertips or Siri's voice commands.The innovative safety features make the Chevrolet Spring Equinox campaign and the regular version a home run.The AChevy dealer will believe that everyone should drive a safe and reliable car, and Equinox is no exception!Front collision alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, rear visual camera, lane departure warning, rear parking assist, and rear cross traffic alert act as shields around your car.
Smart cameras and radar sensors keep an extra pair of eyes on the roads around you from a 360-degree view, allowing you to get extra help if necessary.In addition, the interior of Equinox has 6 standard-sized airbags that help protect drivers and passengers in the event of a collision.More importantly, the spring equinox is surrounded by an internal stolen cage, which can further prevent external attacks.
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