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by:BLEE     2019-07-01
Vectrex console.The console is certainly slightly different from most other gaming platforms --Especially those 8-VIC 20, Commodore 64, bit computing generation for BBC Micro, Oric Atmos, Amstrad CPC 464, Acorn Electronics, and ZX spectra.This 8-Works by Western technology/Smith and released in November 19.The more common MB game, Milton Bradley, has accelerated the pace of releasing consoles to the market.
I'm sure many of us have good memories of the toys in the MB game;When I was young, there always seemed to be a TV ad promoting their latest game.Different in the golden age of home video games...And other non-This console of MB comes with it for a major reason.
The reason is the hardware: it is packaged into an integrated vector monitor that displays the vectorFrame) graphics that produce the rather cool name "vectrex ".Vectrex uses a monochrome display and combines plastic screen coverage to generate-Game colors and other static surround graphics.This method is actually a very effective way to color these monochrome vector graphics.
A good example.
Vectrex hopes to differentiate itself from other home game technologies by becoming a unit dedicated to vector games.It will achieve this by selling high pricesQuality and playable versions of classic vector games such as armor attack and space war.The machine also comes with a Arcade game, a shooting game called Minestorm, which is basically a very playable version of the above-mentioned asteroid.
There is a built-in gameThe machine is a great reward because you have something to play with once you take it home and open the package.This is also a good selling point for Vectrex as the game box is very expensive.Many people will save up for the next few weeks to buy the next game.
To be fair, most of the games released for the console are very good and there aren't so many bad games on Vectrex!From the point of view of the game, the quantity is very small, but the quality is very high.The Vectrex console continued from the end of 1982 until production stopped in 1984.The BBC Micro, which really took off in 1984.
None of these machinesMatch in terms of versatility, availability, and different types of games.Once someone like Yali Street and comodolo Amiga appears on 1985 (this is probably the best 8-Bit machine and amiga games can easily match Vectrex's vector function), and its fate is completely sealed as a viable home game system.In addition, there are additional peripherals such as lights.
?) And 3D imagers add some richness and diversity to the console.Hyperchase -Armor Attack -Berzerk -Pole Position -Get ready for the classic arcade racing race!Cosmic Chasm -Starhawk -Scramble -Space Wars -Kind of like an asteroid, but no one!Spike -A 3D puzzle with equal axis measurementAll of these games can be played and must have the title of the Vectrex console.The Vectrex -So -I think it's fair to say that the Vectrex console is a bit odd compared to other home consoles of this era.
Look at games like Spike, it's not your normal console type of game (it also has digital voice, an amazing thing to see on any machine in early 1980) for me, this makes Vectrex a "must own" console for avid collectors today (although I'm still looking for one myself!).The high price of trading on Ebay reflects this;This console is very rare compared to many other hardware of 1980.A good condition the Vectrex console has to be turned off because it has to have a piece of hardware for serious vintage collectors.
Although if you really want to pick one out of it, be prepared to bid high.Today, Vectrex is considered a pioneering video game system;Shock waves, astronomical wars, and good conditions are worth a lot of money.Its use of vector graphics technology was really amazing at the time, remember, it is also able to make some great contributions in game arcade style music and sound effects with reliable AY sound chips.
Rare games and units are often traded on Ebay, and the fully packed units are very valuable.This is the console of a real vintage collector, their rarity makes it hard to buy, and the bargains are very rare.It should be noted that there are still new games in production for it today (there are good defenders clone games like "protector)A video game programmer.
If you go into the Vectrex console (luckily with a console), keep an eye out for these new titles.I'm always impressed when developers are willing to put a lot of time and effort into old systems like this, as it helps to keep the whole retro game scene fresh and alive.Of course, as consoles have been highly valued, these new homebrew games are just to make sure that Vectrex is still a valuable retro game project for the foreseeable future.
..Revival studio recently developed many demos and games for the Vectrex console.Martijn Wenting and Faried Verheu have created a modern miracle on this vintage hardware-http://www.revival-studios.It's always great to see companies like this support old hardware in modern times.
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