arcade classic Track & Field by Konami: Classic Arcade Games Reviewed

by:BLEE     2019-07-01
Today, sports-based games are not over, games using the Wii controller or the Xbox Kinnect system enable players to control the characters on the screen through sports instead of the joystick and buttons.However, at the age of 80, the closest arcade player to exercising was Konamo's track and field.clones.The title is an 80-year-old arcade game that requires real physical strength to play even if it still uses traditional arcade controls.
By linking the speed at which the button is pressed with the speed of the player on the screen, Konami has launched a brand new game that is equally important for stamina and hand-eye fitCoordinate and add real competitive elements to 2 player games.In this article, as part of my series on classic arcade games, I will review Track and Field to see why it is such a lasting favorite among retro players.There are two versions of the track and field game, one is the standard upright cabinet and the other is the low cocktail table version, both of which have classic "Stars and Stripes" graphics.
Walking into the arcade, the most striking thing about the track and field cabinet is the sound, the "attraction" mode plays music and sound effects from the game, including the sampled speech, and the theme song of "fire chariot.The track and field cabinets are very simple due to limited control, with only 3 buttons per player and no joystick.Up to 4 players can use the cabinet in the game, but only 2 players can use it at a time, so only 2 sets of control are required.
The cabinet is unusual because the single player is operated from the right side of the control panel, and the Cabinet practice is that the single player is played on the left.Although the game was originally released with a button, they were later replaced by a trackball due to a problem with the button breaking, and the player defeated the control panel with his fist for submission.This problem is not limited to cabinets, and the joystick of many home players is destroyed due to too enthusiastic swings.
However, unlike the decathlon, in order to qualify for the next game, you will have to qualify for each game.The game can start with one to four players who have to enter their initials before the game starts, which is unusual for arcade games. This way they can be asked to compete for running items individually or with other players.
When Solo, the opponent will be controlled by the computer.Failure to qualify in any event will result in the player losing his or her life, losing 3 lives and ending the game.The first event is also the easiest, as it only needs to tap the replacement button to move your sport legs.
Instead of tapping the button without distinction, make sure you press the two buttons in turn as this will increase the speed.Avoid jumping a gun or you will be charged with foul, jumper and end of the game.While this is the easiest activity, it does take you 10 seconds or more to qualify, which will soon get tired.
If you don't win a match against a computer opponent, it doesn't matter, as long as you complete the match within 16 seconds of qualifying time, then you are in the next stage.The long jump is the next event, which combines run-up and more button-tapping with timed jumps at the end of the runway.In order to reach a good distance, you need to keep high speed while running (as shown in a bar at the bottom of the screen), when you reach the white foul line, press the "action" button to jump.
The length of time you press the jump button determines the angle of the jump, about 38-40 degrees should give you the best distance.Failed to reach the qualifying distance of 6 m or take off over the foul line, your jump did not score.Like in a real race you have three attempts to record qualifying jumps, which is a lot harder than it sounds!Most players will not exceed this event in the first few attempts.
In many ways, throwing a gun is like a long jump, requiring a good run-up before pressing the launch with a timely button, which also sets the angle for throwing.Similarly, like the long jump, the best angle for Javelin is about 40 degrees, and a good run-up will result in a huge arch trajectory, as well as a qualified distance of more than 65 m.Holding down the button for too long, Javelin will fly off the screen, hit a bird and get a reward of 1000 points, but will not set a qualified distance.
It's like 100 m, but with the increase in obstacles that need to be overcome, it will slow you down if you can't remove them effectively.The trick to the hurdles is to get into a rhythm, a period of intense running with the action button to skip the hurdles, repeat until you reach the finish line and want to record qualifying times under the age of 14.5 seconds.Hammer throwing is unique in track and field games as it is the only "top down" event that your players can watch from above the hammer cage.
The hammer needs some gentle keys for the player to rotate and this happens automatically once he moves.Then, when the player faces the opening of the cage, it's a matter of time to release the hammer, but when you spin so fast, it means pressing the action button ahead of time to predict.Angles are as important as ever, and this time the ideal situation is around 45 degrees to get a perfect qualifying match over 85 metres.
The hammer is a particularly tricky event, so be prepared to hit the cage a few times before you master it.The high jump is not so much about speed as timing and skill.After a leisurely run, click the button to launch your athlete up to the classic flop position, with the back facing the jump.
Click the button again, Arch your athletes back before the jumping vertices, and then pull them over the top again before your athletes start to drop.Practice is required in this activity, which is not so much speed as time and accuracy, you need to score more than 2 points.3 M to progress.Unlike other events, you keep playing this round until you get 3 bugs, just like the real ones, which means you can get a big score as the bar height increasesMedals!Successfully complete all 6 projects, you will get a podium and have the opportunity to repeat the game at a more difficult level, and the distance and time of qualifying will be more difficult.
Due to the popularity of the game, a year later in 1984 produced an arcade sequel called "Super Sports", this time with the theme of events inside and outside the athletics stadium.The shooting, archery, gymnastics, swimming and weightlifting competitions have joined the more traditional triple jump and pole vault program, bringing some interesting changes to the game.Although not as popular as the original track and field, this is still a great game, my personal favorite is flying saucer shooting, it uses a new timing mechanism to replicate the fast response needed to compete in this sport.
Later, there was a arcade game called Konami \ '88, which used the track and field formula, but the graphics were greatly improved.However, this game is not as popular as the original game, and the enhanced look has not been improved in the game..Due to the lack of a decent home version, unapproved unofficial clones from Konami fill the gap.
In the UK, the ocean has released Daley Thomson decathlon, named after the world and Olympic champions.This game is a wonderful tribute to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum track and field and is known for destroying the overused joystickEnthusiastic players because they try to run faster.At 1988 Olympic Games, track and field II was released to coincide with 1988 Olympic Games, including events from primitive arcade games and Super Sports.
The original NES game1991 was released as the official competition of the Barcelona Olympic Games.The experience that modern players are closest to track and field is on the Wii, the title of the game is "Mario and Sonic at the Olympics", which uses motion sensors in the Wii controller instead of buttons to power athletes, similar running, jumping and throwing activities are covered.Let contemporary players experience the classic game of Konami.
However, it is difficult to replicate the bashing of the original cabinet on modern controllers, and there are still very few available forms in classic games, and it is difficult to reproduce the competitive buzz that fans remember so lovingly
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