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by:BLEE     2019-07-01
It's followed by becoming one of the most popular video games ever.The yellow "pizza"-shaped PacMan and 4 brightly colored ghosts have become video game icons and are recognized worldwide, but why is PacMan so popular in the first place?In this article, as part of the classic video game series, I will explore why PacMan caused such a stir when it was released, and why people still remember it so lovingly today, more than 30 years later.PacMan started his life as a project for Namco programmer t x8d ru Iwatani, who created the game, it is more likely to attract male players by using a maze structure rather than a traditional shooting or sports mechanic.
The original name of the game is Puck Man, this is the Japanese phrase paku-Paku, describe the sound of eating.There are many reasons why this game is unusual, the most important of which is PacMan himself, a recognizable video game character rather than a regular spaceship representing the player.Ghosts were also named and gave them a character of their own.
This is also the first game to really feature "cutscenes", adding a sense of fun and rewarding players for their progress beyond scoring.While the US, which was released in Japan in 1980 and Bally, received a relatively cold industry response, it was a huge blow to arcade players, and sold 400,000 units worldwide.The classic PacMan cabinet, released for the Western market, has bright yellow paint, as well as a large PacMan and Ghost graphics, which, oddly enough, seems to have two eyes and two legs.
These cabinets are different from the original Japanese variants, which are white and the artwork has a more recognizable PacMan character used later in the game.The control is very simple and consists of a joystick.In addition to the shocking yellow paint work, the most striking feature of the PacMan cabinet is the sound made in the attraction mode, as well as the unique "wacca-The noise from Parkman walking around the maze and taking pills.
Midway distributed the game outside of Japan, and he also launched a cocktail cabinet version of the game with a dual joystick control and a rotating display to accommodate two players.Due to the popularity of these games and the iconic status of PacMan, finding original works can be a challenge as most people are now in the hands of private collectors, however, if you are prepared to pay the asking price, there are still some examples on ebay on a regular basis.Scott pilgrimsScott explained the source of the Pac Man name and why Namco avoided Puck Man's original Japanese name when it launched the game in the West.
As chat-It's a real beauty.
To celebrate the 30 th anniversary of PacMan's launch, Google has created a playable version of the game as its banner with the word "Google" embedded in the maze wall.This allows anyone with a web browser and keyboard to play the game.The game is so popular among Web surfers around the world that Google has created a permanent landing page for the game (which can be found by hitting the link below with the picture ).
It is estimated that the Google version of PacMan is open for millions of hours, and that's how fans react.The inevitable sequel was released, but the distributor Bally did not release the sequel very informally to the author of the original game Namco.The game made some improvements on the original (depending on your taste), including different mazes and random ghost modes, which made high scoring attempts unpredictable.
Namco finally got the copyright for the game and became the official sequel.To take advantage of the popularity of Super Mario, Namco released a platform game featuring PacMan, but this time the hero has a weapon, the legs and facial features are similar to the original PacMan arcade artwork in the Japanese cabinet.The game obviously has no resemblance to the original game, just putting familiar characters in a platform game that can show any random sprites.
Many people think the game is disappointing and it is best to avoid it.PacMan has many great home conversions that are not only limited to consoles and home computers, but also as a dedicated handheld device.In the UK, the stands made a great conversion with Munchman (in the US, what Tomy calls "Puckman"), a desktop game that uses a vacuum float display to represent the maze and game characters.
For American players, the best hand-held version is the coolco, which is one of a series of classic conversions of arcade cabinet shapes.What's unique about this game is that it shows the original arcade graphics outside with the odd "leggy Walker" character.There is also the version of King Kong and Galicia to be collected.
Despite the age, the PacMan character is still as popular as ever, with a recent tribute on the 2012 XBOX game Lollipop Chainsaw.Zombie hunting games include a TRON-The heroine of the game is digitized and injected into the style level of arcade games, but this time the maze is plagued by the evil version of PacMan.Modern consoles also have some updates to the original game, including the excellent PacMan Championship Edition DX on XBOX Live Arcade, as well as the PS3, iPhone, Android and Nintendo 3DS.
For anyone looking for a modern style on the original PacMan, this game is well worth a try.Unless you can find an original Cabinet, this is probably the closest you have to the 1980 classic cabinet.At that time, there were some good conversions on the home console and computer, including the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Commodore VIC-There are 20 and 64 machines, as well as 2600 and 5200 machines in Dali.
2600 The game was accused of causing the video game crash in 1983 because it had a poor reproduction of the original game.It is said that in the case of only 12 million console units sold, Atari produced 10 million games.So many bullets are still not on sale that there are rumors that they end up in a landfill in New Mexico, and the same terrible game E.
In addition to the official version, there are many unofficial versions of different home computers around the world, each with a game version.In the UK, BBC Micro has launched a very accurate game called Snapper, which has to be adapted due to complaints from Namco, causing the game character to be changed to a normal monster, not a ghostThe most disturbing home conversion Award is awarded to the jelly monster of Vic 20, which, if not the game, the art of the box, is a strange-looking set of characters that will definitely give their potential buyers nightmares
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