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by:BLEE     2019-07-01
Mr Do!Mr Do!Cloning flooded the market in the early 80 s.This game was made and released by Universal to and played a happy clown by Mr Do above!He had to dig tunnels underground to collect cherries without being caught by the patrol monster.After the game was released in 1983, a huge fan base was developed thanks to its colorful graphics, memorable tunes and fanatic games.
30 years later, Mr.
Do!Although the character has never won the iconic status of port donkey, it is still remembered by early arcade players.Mr. Do's origin!Mr Do!Released during the arcade tense event, new cabinets are released every week to the public eager for the latest game.Taito wants to take advantage of this demand in a unique way that will appeal to arcade owners and players.
Release Mr.
Do!As a conversion kit, rather than its own cabinet, operators can take full advantage of existing investments and re-Utility cabinets that no longer attract players.The kit includes everything from printed circuit boards to control panels and artwork, allowing existing cabinets to be reborn like Mr Do!Much lower than the brand new continues to sell 30,000 of these MR Do!With the conversion kit, the game became a huge hit and was later released as a competition cabinet with a general brand.
Anyone familiar with Namco's arcade game Dig Dug released in 1982 can find out how it affects Mr Do!Both games are set in an underground maze and can only travel through the tunnel through the Earth, or destroy the enemy by throwing heavy objects at the enemy.PacMan also has elements such as the collection of fruit (not pills) in order to complete a level, and the appearance of the screen central reward program to generate additional points.When digging, when all the monsters are destroyed, a level is completed, and in Mr Do!.
You can also progress when extra diamonds are filled, or when you get 1UP diamonds.Playing Mr Do!Mr Do!Start each level in a partially drilled underground maze, filled with monsters and filled with various fruits.Your joker has to wander through the maze and create new tunnels to collect cherries, which are divided into eight blocks around each level.
Big Apples are also dotted around the level, and when the Earth is moved from beneath them, they fall and crush anything unfortunate.By carefully timing the removal of apples, you can crush the chasing monster without hurting Mr. Do!As a secondary weapon, Mr. Dorado!With a ball, it can be thrown into the tunnel, bouncing from the wall until it hits and destroys the monster, or caught by a clown.
Only one ball can be played at a time, and if it destroys a monster, it needs to be charged before it is used again.Occasionally, extra food appears in the center of the screen, like the powerful pill in PacMan, releasing purple monsters that can eat through apples, but helping you accumulate extra points.In addition to the purple monster, a monster will appear in the form of letters, one of the five monsters who spell the word "extra.
If all letter monsters are destroyed, get extra life through animation clipsscene.To create a sense of urgency, if you take too long to clean up the level, additional monsters will appear and they can attack Mr Do through the walls!In addition to the crazy game rhythm, the theme song of Lang's mouth is "Can-Can \ "is very suitable for the operation on the screen.Mr Do!To complete 11 different levels, each level is represented by a tunnel with a shape like a level number, except for the level with the first shape like a D and the level with the last shape like zero.
Mr Do!Mr.
Do's official world record score!Mr Do!Thanks to Mr. Do's success!There are some sequels starring clowns.Mr. Do's castle, which was released on 1983, features a platform game format very similar to Space Panic, which requires you to smash holes in the platform and let the monsters fall into it.
Mr Do's crazy journey followed in 1984, this time featuring Mr Do's roller coaster track!Used to collect cherries while avoiding oncoming cars.The last game of the series, do!Run is a conversion of Mr Do's field ride, a combination of PacMan and Amidar in which you have to consume points, or draw a line around some points, turn them into fruit.Another series of signs, dinosaursLike a monster is also doing a look!Run Run.
None of these sequels captured the public's imagination like the original Mr Do!Mainly due to the slightly derivative nature of the game, there is no new breakthrough, not much different from the competitors..Due to the limited graphics capabilities of these early consoles, the original spirit is captured if it is not a pixel-perfect home reproduction.MSX and Commodore 64 PCs for home use.Mr Do!Later, through Nintendo's Game Boy and the Super Nintendo platform, it will be converted into more modern hardware, and the original hardware can be treated fairly.
It is particularly noteworthy that the SNES version has additional features, such as the 2-person combat mode, that take full advantage of the capacity of the back console.The BBC Micro has created a less official version called Mr. Ee!, This is probably the most real conversion generated, although there is no approval from the original developer.
So long before the official launch of SNES, British players can play the perfect version of Arcade at home.Please add your own memory in the comments section below and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers this classic game
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