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by:BLEE     2019-07-01

The classic arcade game of asteroids, Atari, was released on 1979.Using the same basic hardware as Atari's early Lunar Lander games, if popular in the arcade world, it will be one of the best-selling arcade games ever.It spawned a range of family conversions, including the Atari 2600 classic, ensuring that the console enters millions of homes around the world.The game was one of the few arcade games that used vector graphics early on, and this technique was used in the oscilliscopes, where electrons were sent directly to the screen to draw images like pencils.This is different from every video game and TV screen that later uses horizontal scan lines to gradually build pictures.This is very simple compared to the current video game, driving your ship through asteroids and destroying them with a laser while avoiding collisions.This description is not fair to the game, it is very addictive and players and other players are looking to improve their high scores.For people in their early 70 s and 80 s, asteroids are a fantastic retro memory, and for many who first introduced video games.There are two configurations for the asteroid game, the traditional upright cabinet and the 2-person cocktail cabinet sitting down.The upright cabinet is the most unique of the couple, with colorful side art and light boxes above the screen.The game is controlled entirely by the button instead of using the joystick, entering left and right rotation, thrust, shooting and hyperspace.The control panel itself has unique red, white and blue patterns that are often used in copying arcade machines.The sound in the game is also very unique, similar to 2-The tone effect used in space invaders, as the grade progresses, the speed increases.As the action on the screen becomes more crazy, it helps to increase tension.The arrival of the flying saucer is accompanied by a loud siren to remind you of the imminent danger.The sitting cocktail cabinet includes controls on both sides of the machine, and, like many games that use this format, the screen flip faces the current player.Cocktail cabinets are not notable in other ways, and there are few ads promoting the great games in them.In April 6, 2010, American player John mcalist set a world record for asteroids, scoring up to 41,338,740 points.This broke the 27-year record set by 15-year-old Scott Safran in 1982.The asteroid is a very simple game, but based on the openness of the venue, it allows a lot of variability in the game.Starting at the center of the screen, your ship is surrounded by asteroids heading in multiple directions, which will destroy your ship in contact.More complicated, asteroids surround the screen, so when moving to the left, they appear on the right with a constant trajectory.You can use rotation and thrust to avoid asteroids, or your laser can destroy them by breaking them down into smaller and smaller asteroids, the smaller the speed of these asteroids.The behavior of asteroids allows different strategies, from random blasting to targeted destruction.In addition to asteroids, you will also be attacked by alien flying saucers that must be destroyed before they hit you with their own laser.Experienced players will take out all the asteroids except one or two, while scoring from the UFO, points will appear as long as the stage is incomplete.Once the last asteroid is destroyed, the game is reset with the complete addition of the space rock and a slight increase in difficulty.Like many early arcade games, there is no "end state" and you will continue until you run out of all your life, so the battle is to get the highest score, it can be recorded on the high score sheet with your initials.The deluxe version of the game has been released, except for a new enemy ship, which will break down into smaller "looking" missiles, chasing your ships, which is almost the same as the original.The game also replaces the hyperspace feature with a shield that can temporarily protect you from damage.The first real sequel, released in 1982 by Atari, called "Space Duel", changed the asteroid to geometry and added a new 2 player mode, there are 2 boats on the screen at the same time.The features of the game are manyColor vector graphics, while not as popular as the original, are a unique gaming experience if you can find a graphic that is still running.In 1987, Atari released the last official asteroid sequel to arcade, the game called Blasteroids.This game extends the features of the 1979 original and adds detailed graphics, power suppliesEnd of Ups and boss level battles.However, the game used raster graphics, lost the unique look of the first 3 games, and did not stand out in the arcade at the time.Given the huge popularity of asteroids in the arcade, it's not surprising that Yali wants to release the game on their home platform, Yali 2600.The challenge for Atari is that there is a huge gap between arcade and 2600 graphics functions, the former using clear vector display, and the latter using very block raster graphics.Instead of trying to replicate the original vector "wireframe" look, Atari tried a more colorful "solid" reproduction, and successfully accomplished the feat of creating an asteroid that looked completely different but also played well.Everything is there and even uses the rotation and thrust input of the classic orange button Atari joystick as well as the hyperspace option to control the vessel.There are also alien ships that attack you, and in some variations of the game, the shield feature appears in the deluxe version of the arcade cabinet.Console, which has a built-in asteroid clone called Minestorm.Vectrex from MB games is the only home console produced with its own built-in consoleIn vector display, allow it to copy games like asteroids more faithfully.I'm lucky to have such a unit, which is a great way to play this classic game.Fortunately, however, they are very rare to track down and therefore not cheap.There is no browser-based version of the asteroid on the internet, but I would suggest finding this game on the official website of Atari \, which works on internet Explorer or any Windows 8 tablet.There is also a downloadable version of XBOX 360.But if you're craving this authentic vintage experience, you can buy the Atari 2600 for less than the cost of a new XBOX or PS3 game and play the original home conversion., Pac Man is like they played at home in early 1980.With such a classic game, it should be played on classic hardware, and the Atari 2600 is the next best thing if you don't have the original cabinets.
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