arcade classic Acorn Electron

by:BLEE     2019-07-01
8-.Electronics were released in 1983.Or "Beeb of the poor," as we know;-Aware that the BBC Model B was unable to compete with the ZX Spectrum or Commodore 64 due to the high price, acorn decided to create a budget model B to compete with these machines.They want to compete at the same price, and they want to have a place in the computer game market.So let's take a look at another good 8-A bit machine from 1980.
..When interest is high, Acorn did not initially make enough electronic units;Thanks to the success of the Acorn Atom, and of course the BBC Micro, they are already respected names in the industry..Buyers think it's better than waiting for electronics companies to hit the street.By the beginning of 1984, Acorn really increased the production of the machine and tried to meet the needs of the public.
Sadly, so far interest has fallen faster than Tom Cruise's reputation, and the electronics have had to gracefully acknowledge the failure of the rolling advantage over the ZX Spectrum and the C64, ZX Spectrum and C64 are now top 8-Bit machines for arcade games, word adventures and general home use.Many electronics have never even entered the store, and whatever happens with a lot of storage of hardware will always be a mystery.), The electronics are very basic and only one extended port is available.
Fortunately, Acorn released the Plus 1 extension package very quickly, offering two ROM box slots, parallel/centralized interfaces, and joystick connectors.We are talking now.The built-in ACORN electronic base is mainly from the famous bbc basic, an excellent version of BASIC, which is great for learners.The language has innovative features, such as the ability to define real processes with def proc and end proc, and the handling of error events, leaving a deep impression.
There is even an old statement to restore a program that was deleted by NEW.A complete assembly language is also stored in a 32 k rom for real technologyStuck head.It must be said that this is an excellent feature.
For this category of computers, the graphics function is also very good.It provides up to 80 columns of text mode and high resolution of 2 colors up to 640x256 pixels.Custom ULA specially developed for electronics handles video display, sound and I/O communication.
Features like this are the real selling points of electronics.The sound generator inside the machine is very good, but it doesn't match the BBC hardware in this regard.It is able to output one channel, but it is possible to map the sound of the three channels to it and output it through the speaker, thus roughly approximate the sound of the appropriate three channels.
The mechanical keyboard is very responsive.The basic statement is printed on most keys, allowing the user to enter the "keyword style" at a time ".The Acorn Electron is just not completely successful.
..The other thing I always thought was pretty cool is the little amber LED on the left side of the keyboard, which indicates whether you are in lower case or in upper case mode.This is a good simple and useful feature, and it is earlier than it is now.Even though it is stronger in many areas than (I dare say?(Better keyboard, better sound, better built in base) electronics didn't continue to sell well and lacked certain software.
32 kB of memory is also a stumbling block as it really deserves more blessings.The machine itself looks better than the BBC and does not require a hydraulic fork-The elevator moves it whenever you re-move itArrange your bedroom.The beige box and key at the top of the box, plus a grid pattern and an acorn logo, has a certain visual appeal.
It certainly doesn't look as serious as Beeb and doesn't take up that much space.Another decent machine from the Acorn computer might be worth more.With better marketing, it might be great as a home computer;A good "all talent ".
Some of the famous games, such as "seed elite", "Repton series", "platform classic chocolate egg" and so on...If you have a chance to check it out.of all time.It has entered almost every home computer of this era, and even entered 16-.The electronic version is fast, playable and addictive.
A true classic that proves that electronics can produce great arcade-style games.(From Atari) it also entered the electronics.To be honest, is not as good as the other 8-Bit versions of products such as BBC Micro and ZX Spectrum --But it focuses on the details and is as good as you would expect electronically.
This is not a bad version and if you like Star Wars then you won't go wrong...Esports not only have arcade-style games --Text adventures are also popular on machines.There are titles like classic "adventure" and cultThose of us who like to wander on mysterious lands and find their way through the maze are also taken care.
There are various titles for the electron
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