arcade cabinet Why the 3DS is Still a Contender in the Era of the Switch

by:BLEE     2019-07-01
Nintendo is no stranger to handheld devices, so its portability is no wonder it can easily attract viewers.Nintendo's current fans have two types: Young fans have just discovered characters like Mario in their latest sequel, and the switch between systems is more family-centric, similar to Wii and Wii U, just not tooAs well as adult fans of our childhood classic games, we will still return to every issue of Zelda or Metropolis as an ancient comfort.As a call back to an adult audience who still loves Nintendo for this reason.
Although Nintendo has used its name on many classic consoles and well-known handheld devices over the years, it can be said that the best of these systems is still the 3DS, which continued production in 2018, it's a shame to say that it's only for virtual-Few new games are in production for old handheld devices.What keeps handheld devices alive is adults who want to replace games they missed when they were young, and when it becomes harder to find a functional Game Boy Color in the game, nintendo made a genius move to release most of its back catalogue to 3DS and 2DS through the Nintendo E store.The best thing about Nintendo is their marketing for my classic game when I was young, which reminds me of the first time I was lying on the living room floor before the TV appeared, the feeling of future generationsDuck Tales.
When a teaser comes up, I can retrieve the games from the system a long time ago, and I never really remember whether the games were gifting or discarded residence on TVI want to go back to those Nintendo games and as a kid I don't think I can play any more.Other systems later started to be backwards compatible, but I felt Nintendo was the first system to allow them to download the Virtual Console in the E store.PlayStation Now does something similar on their PlayStation, old games can stream and play online, but can now be downloaded as a permanent, especially on their own PlayStation Vita's short hand-held device, which never had many dogs in console wars and barely released any games for the system.
The only thing Vita wants is an early idea that, like a switch, the game can sync from the Save point, and the game can continue on the handheld, like everyone else;I don't have a Vita so I can't tell you directly how effective this dynamic is for the system.However, the 3DS Virtual Console is a good idea, and even after years of adding downloads to my shabby old 3DS XL, the gifts have been provided, I might actually replace the library with 2DS.Whether it's an old DS game that works on the system or a Virtual Console download, no one uses the 3D feature.
Playing a long way without warps is a good extension until I can go home and accept new things from my PlayStation.In the early days of the console war, only those who are big enough remember the video arcade, and they may know that when the home console becomes one thing, everyone from Atrari, Nintendo, Sega and even Mattel have similar video game consoles.While only large systems continue to be notorious, many companies that start with arcade cabinets or try to use mature systems are back on offering Nintendo software.
The game studio has just started to be One thing, with the 8-bit shift to 16-bit, before we know the full movie quality it has on PlayStation 4 and XBox One, nintendo still maintains its own advantages in fairly cartoon animations and family-friendly queues, offering adults some imported games.Companies such as Bandi, Capcom, Hudson Soft, Konami, Ubisoft offer these products, which Nintendo even continues to launch on its Virtual Console today.After adding Sega to the console manufacturing business, the company returned to its software roots and allowed some of its titles to be ported to Nintendo's E Store for later use.
At present, 3DS's Virtual Console has a directory of nearly 200 games dating back to early consoles and handheld devices.Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Sega game equipment, all have games in Nintendo E store, although backward compatibility allows cartridges in DS to still play on 3DS and 2DS systems.The land of super Mary, donkey hole, the land of Kirby's dreams, the Wizards, the spirit of revenge, Pac-Man, Super Mario Land 2, Double Dragon, City 2, Kid Icarus, Valio land, Dr Mario, Super Man 1-Pokemon Red/BlueLegend of Zelda 1-There's more as new games continue to be released to the Virtual Console.
While people always want the switches to play classic games on their systems as well, I will continue to add them to my 3DS as a backup in order not to lose the game I like, maybe more than the current cut adventure I 've been involved in after a whole day of work, need some first person shooter commonShoot on a street full of monsters
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