arcade buttons for sale What is the Dress Code for Dressage Shows?

by:BLEE     2019-07-12
arcade buttons for sale What is the Dress Code for Dressage Shows?
If you are not familiar with dressing steps, it is important to start showing and learn and follow the dress code.It's very specific, and in the costume dance show you don't get points for being creative and standing out in the crowd.Some judges are very traditional and they are distracted by anything that does not follow the "norms.
Use your creative clothes in school.
The dress code is also detailed in the dress steps rules of USEF, so if you have any questions about this suggestion, please refer to the rules.These suggestions are based on current experience at the 3 star show in Northern California (2003-2006).Cyclists should wear a black or blue dress-up jacket or a hunting jacket.
There are four buttons and a vent on the back of a dress jacket.A hunting coat has three buttons and a double vent.Most riders buy a costume coat, but it's good to wear a hunting coat first before spending a lot of money on a name --Brand dress coat.
Depending on your climate, please consider carefully before investing in a traditional wool coat.And others.A mixture that can be cooler in warm weather.In some very warm performances, the judge will ask.
This means you can take off your coat and tie, but you still have to wear a shirt with a collar and long sleeves or short sleeves.Unless you are desperate, put on your coat anyway, if you can.Test only 5-In 6 minutes, some judges prefer finished products.
By the way, only cyclists wear tuxedo.
George and aboveThe rider should also wear a white shirt with a fake collar, a white tie, a tie pin and a white trousers.Shirts can be long sleeves or short sleeves.There are plenty of display shirts on the market for sale, so find what you like.
The beige trousers are also OK, but it is better to wear white.Gloves can be white or black, but it's better to wear white if you can stand it.If possible, the hunter-style hard helmet in black velvet is best suited for a lower level.
For your safety, safety helmets of any style are allowed.Unless your hair is short, put it in some kind of hair net.Do not see loose hair or pounce ponytail.You 'd better not tie your shoes in high boots.
"Field boots" has laces at the ankle and is better for the hunter/jumper ring.The performance ring of the dress-up step is definitely not allowed to wear half-chapter or leggings.You must have high boots.If you do not want to bear the cost of leather boots, you can save money by buying imitation leather boots.
$100 for leather boots-$500 easily.
Some people invest in customizationHigher price leather boots.The Spurs are allowed and they are restricted.The most common BluntNo problem with the Spurs.
No more than 43 whip.
3 inch (110 cm), lash is available for all classes except for the annual tournament course.For horses, use the white square saddle mat and the saddle mat for the English or dress-up steps.As long as it is leather, the cage head can have decorative eyebrow strapsbased.
Beads are not allowed between eyebrows.
Boots or leg guards are not allowed on Show ring.If possible, the color of the saddle should match the leather, waist circumference and maddle of the horse.Make sure your cage head and teeth are in compliance with the regulations.
The simplest part of the nose is OK, and most of the nose is OK.Try to make everything clean and white before you ride!See the dress-up rules on http: // www.usef.Organization/documents/rules manual/2006/07-DR.
Pdf read the DR120 section dress of the dress code rules, DR121 saddle and equipment section of the tack rules
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