amusement machines Five Theme Parks in Finland

by:BLEE     2019-07-06
amusement machines Five Theme Parks in Finland
Since its establishment, Linnan Marki amusement park has always been the most lively and popular scenic spot in Finland.Last year there were 1,000,000 tourists here.The park is located on the top of a hill not far from downtown Helsinki.
Although the park area is not large, there are 33 large parks of all kinds.Suitable for the scale of amusement machinery of all ages.There are several wonderful magic and acrobatic performances in the amphitheater every day.
The Linnan Maki is a United Nations.
Profit entertainment, all income to the children's welfare institutions.Särknniemi Adventure Park is located on a small peninsula surrounded by two lakes.With 8,000,000 visitors a year, this park is the most suitable place for the whole family to travel.
There are aquariums, the dolphin Museum, the children's zoo and the tallest watchtower in Finland.The most popular entertainment in the park is the world's largest "half pipe ".This must be experienced if you come here.
Serena is the biggest.
Tropical water park in Europe, open all year round2000 round heated pool.There are 1000 m² outdoor swimming pools in the summer.Feel the thrill of speed in the waterslide and pipe.
Let the wild stream of 140 m take you into the Roaring Rapids.Do you have enough courage to slip through the black hole pipe?The sound and light effects from space make your journey in the dark even more mysterious.The terrace bar, a variety of Whirlpool pools, summer outdoor activities and all other services make you forget about your daily routine and relax completely.
Deep in the strong granite, there is a sauna cave to meet the needs of all sauna enthusiasts.Grana cave restaurant is known for its delicious snacks and delicious meals.Serena is a good place to ski in winter.There are 5 trails ranging in length from 300 m to 450 m, with a height of 60 m.
Visitors can enjoy skiing, ski jumping, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing and other skiing activities here.Muumin is a well.Well-known cartoon characters created by Finnish people.Muumin World is located in Natalie, Southwest Finland.
No matter how old you are, you will be fascinated by those decorations.There is also an adventure island called Vaski where visitors can take part in many exciting programs such as the Gulf War ".Santa Claus is a Christmas theme park.Once you enter the park, you will cross Santa's Christmas village with 23 Christmas fantasy themes, each with a life --Large and small buildings and animated characters, enjoy more than 50 amusement park rides.
Santa Claus Park includes 12 entertainment shows per day, free admission, including puppets, live magicians, white tigers, music, etc.There's a huge gas.A huge Christmas tree with 20 theme trees, over 30 feet tall.Finally there is live entertainment, ethnic cuisine from around the world, and VIP tents dedicated to corporate holiday parties, birthdays, and family gatherings.
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