amusement games for sale Symmons Plains on the market

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
amusement games for sale Symmons Plains on the market
Historic Simmons Plains North Tower-The seven-generation home of the yur familyis for sale.According to owner Andrew Yur, 1830 of the property has attracted great interest, which is located on the South Esk River near Perth.He said yesterday that he and his wife Audrey spent a lot of time on the decision to sell.
"Its historical aspect is important to me," Mr Youl said ."."On 2008, we only celebrated the youth of 200 in tazhou."But the truth is that you have to go beyond the things of history and consider what is best for us and our families.
The 47-year-old said he was considering a radical change in his career.Instead of commenting on the financial aspects of sales, he said he wanted to spend a lot of time with his 13-year-old son, Hamish, over the next few years, and his passion was tennis.Mr. yur played the elite level in the game, and his brother Simon scored 80 points in the singles game.
"I want to get involved and give Hamish a chance to pursue passion," he said .".He said he was also willing to follow his father's footsteps and take part in road safety work."This is impossible, and agriculture is impossible," he said .
Yule said the decision to change life was difficult and difficult."I have been farming all my life, but my other hobby is sports," he said .".Mr. yur's wife, Audrey Moore, is a Tasman Olympic swimmer who won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games.
yur said the couple were "testing the waters," the first time in the Tasmanian newspaper last week and in the last few days advertising the Symmons Plains on the Internet."When we see what's going on, we think about where we might live," he said .".The 856-There are two options for sale at riverside property.
The first is the entire 181-year-Old property including two buildingsBrick houses in Georgia.Tennis courts, pool, family gym and original stables are on site.The second one is 808-Hectares of farms, including a manager's residence, cottage, fiveCut sheds, mechanical sheds and loose grain depots.
The planting area includes 108 hectares of irrigation and linear irrigation, 600-Giant dam and 2732-The water is big.Pastor John Yur, the first family member to come to Tahiti to live, fled the talhiti cannibals on the journey.His son, James Endel Yur, developed the first 200 hectares of land to be awarded to pastor Yur, located in the north of the existing Simmons plain property.
The seventh generation Andrew yur and his wife lived there with Hamish and their 15-year-old son, Nicholas.Bidding for the Symmons Plains ended on March 10
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