amusement games for sale Fun Valentine Games for Third Grade

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

Valentine's Day parties usually include making card boxes, giving cute cards to classmates, and eating cupcakes with icing sugar.These simple parties lost their appeal as the children matured.To spice up the Valentine's Day party for third graders, try these wonderful ideas.Each student has a heart, and one of the names is a famous pair.For example, David and Gloria, salt and pepper, biscuits and milk.Students were then asked to walk around the room until they found their missing partner.Using candy hearts, students work in pairs to build the largest tower in a given period of time.After the tower activity, the pair can create a chart based on the colors or proverbs written in their hearts.You can then make a complete class diagram to show how much each type of heart represents.Play to steal my heart and divide the students into four or five groups.Each group should prepare a bowl of sugar hearts and a pair of chopsticks for each student.At the end of the set time, students who were able to collect the most hearts with chopsticks were declared winners.For more challenges, students can be blindfolded while playing games.
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