all in one arcade machine Big Sweet Land

by:BLEE     2019-07-07
all in one arcade machine Big Sweet Land
Large sweet ground machines, which are common in arcades, not only can you get a lot of candy, but you can also get the cool giant Award!This is one of my favorite machines in the arcade (it's easy to get attracted by prizes!) Because it's very simple to use!So here I will share with you some tips for getting a jackpot and what to pay attention!Enjoy!Main points: Put down the spoon, lift up the candy and snacks (even toys) and put them on the tray above.The moving tray pushes the item forward.When the item falls into the hatch, it hits the counter and you get the grade on the red bar.You win the bar!* What fell into the hatch is yours!Extra: there will be a mini wheel each time the counter is hitof-"Wealth" continues!This includes the result of "1, 2, 3 or Jackpot.
If you get 1, you get level 1.
you get two grades, etc.
If you're lucky enough to win the "jackpot" (I did!You won right away!Cool huh?So..What are you looking for in the machine?It's obviously a prize!Well, this is, of course, the main idea.Make sure what you want first!There are usually a large number of toys and prizes that are not displayed in the machine.
These can usually be found on the shelves near the counter.Be sure to contact the staff to let them know which toys are available for the grand prize and they will be happy to host you!Certain prizes (such as the Hello Kitty clock) can only be exchanged with 5 cumulative bonuses.That is to say, you have to make 5 cumulative bonuses before you get the grand prize!One more thing to note: Make sure the bottom of the machine is fully filled with candy and snacks!If you can see the plastic base of the machine, there may be too little candy, and your chances are greatly reduced!Close to staff again!They will fill you up with machines and even throw small toys for you!1) observation and observation.
A good suggestion to save your pocket is to first see how others play.This will give you a point about the power of the scoop.If most of the people who are playing are trying to raise the candy, then this machine may be manipulated.
Don't waste your money in this situation!Unless you really want this thing, regardless of the cost.In Singapore I have encountered some machines that are easier to use and some are very difficult to use!If all goes well, choose a good seat.It's really important.Choose a place where the tray is already full.
This will save you a lot of time (and money!3) choose someone who has just left or given up if you can.Sounds weird?Haha!Choosing one that has just been used will give you some extra level of the red bar.This brings you closer to the jackpot.Now that you have saved the money, please be patient.
D \ 'ont is eager to scoop candy.
Wait for the opportunity (higher Candy Mountain) before scooping ).5) Check your time.It takes time for the spoon to drop.This may take one or two attempts to adapt.6) Don't be greedy!If there's too much big-Pack snacks and lie together.
it will be harder to grab!It has a tendency to fall off.7) small soft toys in the swimming pool.These toys are easy to lift and heavy.This will help push down the candy on the tray.8) release exclusive news at the right time.
Think about the size of candy.
Small candy can be released on the Upper moving tray and the lower fixing tray.The items should be enlarged on the lower tray;They will help push things.Follow these tips!They will definitely help you!The range of prizes is very large.
I have seen awards including rice and cooking oil.Most of the prizes found in Singapore are exclusive prizes for Disney Sega and Banpresto.These prizes are frequently replaced according to the new version.
Big move: These toys are not available in normal stores!They are Japanese toys for machines!However, many of these prizes can be found on ebay.Thanks to these avid collectors, people who can't use this machine also have a chance to get toys!Check my "find" from the machine ".;As you can see from my first loot, you will get a bag of sweets and snacks.
These are small incentives to keep people playing.You get a lot of candy even if you may not have a jackpot!But rest assured that you will win the prize in the end.This is very different from ufo.Catcher, where you can spend all your wealth without catching anything.
That's why this machine is so popular!Also, the pleasure you play with this machine is not found anywhere else.You should probably try it if you haven't tried it.It is also a way to relieve stress, especially for those who are tired after a day's work.
Most of the people I observed walked out of the arcade with a smile.For guys!It may be a good idea for a date to impress the girl you like.There will certainly be so many moments of excitement and laughter to keep your date happy!The jackpot was a great gift for her;Don't forget, the tune of this machine is very catchy.
After playing for the first time, the tune was constantly replayed in my mind.Well, even if you don't want to try your luck on the machine, it's fun to watch people play!It's cool to watch the snack pool move around.Do you have this machine in your country?Do you have this "big sweet" machine in your country?This is another big sweet land machine we have seen so far.
It is much smaller in size and much smaller in prizes.Basically, it works the same way, just involves more toys and everything is scaled down.Definitely worth a try!A video I found shows how this machine works.
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