80s arcade games What's the Donkey Kong Story? History of an 80's Arcade Legend

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King Kong, perhaps one of the most well-known characters in video game history, has sparked a series of games that have lasted more than 30 years, as well as merchandise sales from clothing to board games and cute toys.The game also launched a bigger video game legend, a plumber named Mario, who became the official mascot and star of nintendo entertainment in his own series of games, these games are being played on contemporary consoles.King Kong has changed from an arcade to a popular culture, and people all over the world know it, but few know that King Kong is almost born by accident, or the origin of the name of the donkey hole itself.
Although the original Nintendo version described the hero as a carpenter known only as Jumpman, he was renamed Mario in the home version and later versions.It is alleged that this is due to similarities between Jumpman and Mario Segali, the landlord of the nintendo US s US first warehouse.He was later called a plumber, not a carpenter.
Received very poor clones and sold only about 3,000 units.With the failed Radarscope video game cabinet being converted into a more attractive product for a North American audience.The resulting game tells the story of a carpenter who had to save his kidnapped girlfriend from an evil gorilla and stand out from all the space intruder clones at that time, very popular among arcade owners.
When new arcades were opened across the United States, King Kong became one of the best-selling games in his early 80 s.Nintendo's confidence in Miyamato Shigeru and his unique arcade games has been rewarded with a total sales of more than 60,000 units.There are two versions of cabinets, the first one is the Radarscope unit with red conversion, which is much less than the later blue dedicated cabinets.
Both pictures feature classic King Kong comics and kidnapped Pauline.The game itself is a classic platform game with the goal of running, jumping, and climbing buildings while avoiding obstacles like barrels that are thrown on you by holes.It takes careful time to jump the bucket, or you can break the bucket with a hammer.
Reach the top of the hill and you saved your girlfriend Pauline just to get her kidnapped again on the next floor.The original King Kong has to complete five different levels, each of which needs to overcome different routes and obstacles, including burning barrels, bouncing springs and some tricky escalators.The game is very difficult and requires a lot of practice (and coins) to master each level 5.
The popularity of original games means that the sequel is inevitable, followed by two arcade games in the next few years., Launched in 1982, and turned the table to the main character of the original game, asking him to be rescued by his son after being captured by unusually evil Mario.The little donkey hole has to climb the reptile to get to the top of the screen, while avoiding patrol creatures, and has the ability to jump between ropes, or use two at a time to climb quickly.
It's a great sequel, and if it's not the same sales, it's popular with original fans.The last arcade sequel of 1983 features a completely different game mechanics, more like a shooting game than a platform game.In Donkey Hole 3, you play the exterminator Stanley, not the plumber Mario, and you have to beat a bunch of bees before blasting the donkey hole with insect repellent.
Defeat all bees without bees stealing all your flowers, or blast King Kong to the top of the screen and move to the next level 3.The two games are popular among arcade gamers and are popular in many home computer and console conversions.Handheld version, which uses a liquid crystal display to represent game graphics on a dual screen.
(NES), a very faithful replica of the arcade original.In 1988, King Kong also got its own conversion on NES as part of the King Kong classic.The official version of King Kong and the non-official version are released on almost every home computer and console in their early 80 s.
The personal highlight is the BBC micro-version, called the killer gorilla and the version of the Atari 2600 and coolecovision console.Due to the popularity of King Kong, these games have sold millions of units, so they can still be bought today at a relatively mild price.1981 -1982 -1983 -1994 -1994 -1995 -1995 -1996 -1996 -1997 -1999 -2004 -2005 -2007 -2007 -2010 -After nearly a decade of rest, King Kong will return to the Super Nintendo platform in 1994.
the 3D platform is the hometown of King Kong.The game, developed by the British company Rare, has revolutionary CGI graphics that make the game look unique.Introduced some new members of the Hong Kong family, who feature playable characters.
.A new all-3D adventure game, King Kong 64, is also released on nintendo cartridge's last console based on cartridge.The first handheld game (not a very successful game and watch) was released in Game Boy on 1994, a faithful reproduction of the original arcade version 10 years ago.Boy forward is the host of Mario.The King Kong series of games returning to the classic platform formula also added some puzzles.
With the introduction of Gamecube, a series of new King Kong games have been created based on the popular rhythm game format and need to purchase a pair of dedicated bongoons drums that are used to beat with the rhythm of the music.The Nintendo Wii console was released on 2011.Plastic surgeon Dr. Hank Keane currently holds the DK world record with 1,090,400 points.
King of Kong -Thirty years after the original game was released, competitive arcade games are still very popular.In order to ensure that the record scores are correctly recorded and formally verified, organizations such as binary systems are formed.The high score of King Kong is always hotly contested, and the competition between players Steve vibe and Billy Mitchell has actually been on the big screen.
\ "Follow these two people who are trying to beat each other on an official King Kong cabinet to get the highest score.The newcomer vibe is portrayed as a brave loser, whose skills are in stark contrast to the manipulation champion Mitchell, and highlight the politics and cronyism of competitive games.The film has caused some minor controversy as the film makes an exaggerated portrayal of real-life characters, especially the operation of the binary system organization, about who the real champion is.
Despite the seemingly niche theme of the film, the controversy has led to King Kong becoming a cult classic.And Finally -Why the "donkey" hole?There are several theories about the origin of the word "donkey", the most popular of which is a simple case of errorTranslation of the word monkeyHowever, Shigeru Miyamato claims that this is intentional and that a donkey is associated with "stubbornness" and "stupidity.In any case, the title is stuck while Mario changes his name and career from the arcade original.
Nintendo's first step into the game market is a complete failure, and after a game, they can quit the video game industry.However, King Kong and his nemesis Mario were created almost by chance, putting Nintendo on the path to becoming one of the biggest brands of video games
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