645 gaming console How to Make Your Own Vinyl Skins

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

From the ipod to the console, the individual customization of various electronic devices is made of black rubber.Whether you're looking to design a skin for a family portrait, show one of the most memorable moments of your life, or take a digital screenshot from your favorite video game, you can create custom skins by purchasing static plastic wrap and printing designs using a home printer.Full-Page vinyl sheets are cheap and can be purchased online, in a professional paper supply store or in a handful of popular office supply companies.Measure your electronics with a tape measure.Use a cloth tape measure to prevent damage to the device and to help you make accurate measurements.Determine the image to be used in the skin project.If the image is not on the hard drive, upload or scan the image to your computer's hard drive.Open a graphic editing application such as Microsoft Digital Image Suite, Corel PaintShop Photo Pro, or Adobe Photoshop.If there is no graphic editing software purchased on your computer, you can also use Windows apps such as Microsoft Paint or Windows Live Photo Gallery.Click the File tab to open the preferred digital image.After opening the digital image in the graphics program, crop and resize the image according to the exact size of the device.Take all of youThe page in the printer is static fixed vinyl paper.Make sure the printable side is positivedown.Click the File tab and select the print option.After the print is finished, let the ink dry.Depending on the vinyl, the drying process can take several minutes.Clean your electronics with a soft cloth.Removing any dust or dirt from the device will prevent any bubbles or traces after applying vinyl.Design for removing excess vinyl with high quality paper cutting machine, XActo knife©Or blade.While you can also use scissors in the process, you may not cut vinyl evenly.Place your device on a flat surface, peel the paper off the back of the vinyl paper, and apply your new vinyl design carefully.
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