60 in 1 arcade How to Calculate Yards of Fabric Needed

by:BLEE     2019-06-30

While most patterns will clearly state how much fabric is needed, you may occasionally encounter fabrics that are not needed.If this happens, you need to calculate on your own how many yards of fabric is needed to complete the pattern.Most fabrics sold in the yard are 45 or 60 inch wide, so please check how wide the fabric you want to use before doing the calculations.Not all patterns can be narrow 45-inch-wide fabric.Cut out all your patterns.Decide whether to use a fabric 45 inch wide, 60 inch wide, or a fabric with a custom width of 42 inch etc.Cut two ropes at least 5 feet long.Lay them out as straight as possible, parallel to each other, and arrange the fabric of your choice as far as possible.For example, if you are calculating 45-inch-Need wide fabric, your string should be two straight parallel lines 45 inch apart.Put all the parts of your pattern between the strings.If there are any pattern fragments that overlap with strings, try positioning them in a different way to make sure they fit the strings.If they still overlap, you need to build your calculations on a wider structure and adjust the strings accordingly.Make sure you leave enough space between the pattern blocks to cut and seam, otherwise try to combine them together.The less blank you leave between strings, the more efficient you use the fabric, and the more money you save.Add more strings on the previous string, and if the initial layer of the string is not long enough to stretch the length of the pattern block for all layouts, expand the boundaries of the pattern area.Tear off a small piece of masking tape and place it on a rope about 2 inch from the leftmost edge of the leftmost pattern.Do the same thing to mark the position about 2 inch from the far right edge of the rightmost pattern block, make sure to mark two positions on the same rope or the rope laid out together.Measure between two pieces of tape.This is the fabric of how many yards you need to finish the pattern.
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